We deliver fitness!

Vigour Bowl brings to you first of its kind ‘Fitness based’ meal delivery service. With us being here, it is no longer hard for you to get healthy, protein-rich food and that too within budget!

We offer high-quality, high protein, high fibre, low carb nutritive meals for individuals, leading gyms and businesses.

Our recipes have been developed using fresh, nutrient-rich and high-protein sources and contain authentic Indian herbs and spices that enhance taste and boost digestion.

Our dedicated team of nutritionists and chefs apply the food science to ensure that every Vigour-Bowl is the right mix of all the essential macro and micro nutrients.

When it comes to achieving your fitness results, 25% is training and 75% is down to nutrition. In India, it is hard to find healthy, protein-rich and low carb food within ones budget. However, now, Vigour Bowl is here to provide better than restaurant quality food that can accelerate your fitness training results and make a genuine impact not on your pockets but your energy levels.

Vigour Bowl is designed for individuals and corporates committed to fitness, nutrition and general healthy-living.